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What is a Creative Intuitive Transmission session (CIT)?

A Creative Intuitive Transmission session (CIT) consists of a unique approach where I use my creativity to produce a Japanese paper art collage. The combination of colors and patterns of the art, offer iconographic symbolism and meaning that complement the intuitions offered by my high frequency inner guidance (my higher self) in the form of a vocal transmission or intuitive reading. As an intuitive transmitter and artist, I have created this unique modality May 2023.


I have been on a inner spiritual journey for more than 40 years and I have at heart to be at the service of Source and the collective of our world.  I simply and humbly offer pointers to support individuals in their inner and spiritual journeys, and in finding, within themselves, the answers to their meaningful questions. This combination of artistic creation and intuition is what makes these sessions unique.  To know more about me or to contact me.

*As as disclaimer, note that I am not a trained medical doctor (allopathic, holistic, mental or energetic). I do not provide mental or physical trauma healing, hypnosis or regression sessions  of any type.


How does a Creative Intuitive Transmissions (CIT) session work?


1. Go within yourself to find the most meaningful question(s) (max 5 questions) that you wish to receive guidance for.


2. Fill in the form for your session by clicking the  « Book a session here (185$USD) » button below.

3. I will write back to tell you when your session will be made and sent to you.

4. I will create an 1 hour video session for you where I will film the presentation of your questions after a brief protocol of protection for both of us; the intuitive vocal transmission that will be offered to you; the creative process of the unique personalized artwork made for you and its symbolism and suggested iconography and piece(s) of music in regard to your query. This process is done remotely and we are not in contact with each other on a Zoom session at any point of this session.


5. I will send you a secure link for you to download the video of the session; high resolution digital version of your personalized artwork; a Spotify link to the music file(s).

6. I will send you your unique original artwork by post anywhere in the world.

Watch CIT session on YouTube

What is a CIT session worth?

I charge a total of 185$USD (Equivalent of: 250$CAD / 179 € / 146 U.K. £) for:

  • Receiving high vibrations in a safe process.

  • Receiving pointers and guidance regarding your question(s), that help you in your inner journey.

  • A personalized unique original 8’’x10’’ artwork made from high quality materials, intuitively inspired.

  • Spotify link(s) to a piece(s) of music inspired by your question(s).

  • Taxes, shipping and handling fees for the artwork worldwide are all included.

  • More than 4 hours of my caring, loving intuitive and creative time just for you!

Testimonials in English

Testimonials in French

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