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Creative Intuitive Transmission (CIT) sessions

As a multidisciplinary creator and intuitive transmitter, I have at heart to share beauty, meaning and high frequencies to you and our world. To know more about me

How does a CIT session work?

Regarding a maximum of 5 questions you share with me, about your spiritual or inner journey, I first create a unique original 8"X10" collage of Chiyogami Japanese papers made just for you (NOT one from my online shop). Watch the creative process or watch this interview

Then, my passion for, and training in arts and in the interpretation of the symbolic meaning of visual representations (iconography), permits me to extract meaning and intuitive messages from the use of color, dispositions of shapes and motifs from that artwork, that can offer pointers and clues for your spiritual or inner journey.

Furthermore, the use of two pieces of music, and an already existing visual image (background ), will offer complementary symbolic meaning to the interpretation of the artwork created just for you, in relation to your questions.

Then, during a 1 hour Zoom meeting together, I will share with you what I have intuitively interpreted from the artwork, music and background image, and we can discuss it together (to see how it resonates for you).

Finally, I will send
you your unique original artwork by post anywhere in the world, with a handmade card, handmade bookmark, and a few handwritten words of gratitude. I will also share with you by email, the links to the royalty free background image, the two pieces of music and to our recorded Zoom session.

To start the process, I invite you to click on the "Book a CIT session" button below, where you can share with me your questions (max 5 questions), suggest available dates for the Zoom meeting and pay for your session.


What is the value of a CIT session?


  • High vibrations and all my caring intuitive attention in a 1 hour zoom exchange.

  • Meaningful pointers and clues regarding your questions, to help you in your inner journey.

  • A personalized original 8’’x10’’ artwork (high quality materials) intuitively inspired.

  • Handmade card and bookmark with a personal handwritten message to you.

  • Links to a symbolic image and 2 pieces of music inspired by your questions.

  • Shipping and handling fees for the artwork sent worldwide are all included.

  • A total of 3 hours of my mindful presence and energy dedicated to you.

Ethelion - c.png
Square original(1).png

❤️️I offer these CIT sessions on a voluntary basis and they are my soul income. You are invited to offer a Paypal donation as an exchange of energy for the  3 hours of my time offered to you, with a minimum of 50$USD to cover the costs of premium quality materials and shipping worldwide of your unique original personalized unframed artwork, handmade and handwritten card and bookmark. Gratitude ❤️️

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