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Blue Smoke
Disclosure and spirituality interviews: share your story

In these times of disclosure would you like to have a voice and share about where you come from, about your galactic contacts and spiritual experiences? I invite you to read the information below before contacting me for an interview on my YouTube channel in order to share your story!

The journey and purpose of my soul

As a starseed, I have been on a personal inner journey of discovery (through meditation and shamanic vision quests), about who my soul is, where it comes from and what it is here to bring to, support or serve the collective. I have humbly shared about this information, in April 2023, on my YouTube channel "The grounded starseed" in a video entitled: "Journeys of a Lyran soul and starseed".

An inspiring exchange about going within and expressing our truth

Following a rich and meaningful exchange I later had with Elena Danaan (emissary of the Galactic Federation of World), through an interview I made with her "
Being Elena Danaan - A more personal interview" in June 2023, it became evident to me that, in these times of truth seeking and disclosure, each and every one of us should have the opportunity to express their truth, who they are and what they are here to do on our planet Terra to contribute positively to the collective.

We need to heal our traumas of persecution, gather the courage to accept and own our truth... and maybe share it to the world if we feel called by it!

Inspiring YouTube interviews on "The grounded starseed" channel: a calling to give voice to others

Having a platform, I wish to give the chance to all people with rich and unique souls, soul origins and contact experiences to share about them, to inspire others and speak their truth and create a large organic, root-based movement of disclosure on Terra!

I have a humble non-monetized YouTube channel, and my aim is not to become famous or rich, but to offer to others the chance to share about their unique and rich experiences as beautiful unique souls!

If you wish to share about your own soul's nature and calling on Terra, I invite you to contact me
here, to have a short Zoom exchange regarding a possible interview following the discussion.

As a disclaimer I wish to specify that
non of the following topics, which consist of nefarious psyops, will be encouraged! May it be reminded that non of Elena Danaan's galactic contacts are connected to or "channel through" other people on Terra.

Only on camera interviews will be accepted, since body language is paramount to read someones' intentions and truth and I encourage speakers to have the courage to appear as themselves (avatar and soul) and own their truth publicly.

Typical questions asked during the interview could be:

  • May you speak about the way in which you have connected with the nature of your soul, guidance or contact(s)?

  • Can you tell us more about the nature of your soul, soul origin, star or inner Earth family or contacts?

  • What has this information brought to you on a personal level?

  • How is this information helping you contribute to the well-being of the collective?

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