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Caring in presence for all living beings | Manifesting a positive reality on Terra. Video from the YouTube channel "The grounded starseeds" by Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard

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(Texte en français plus bas)

🇺🇸 🇬🇧In this interview in French with adequate English subtitles, Mylène Surprenant, who is like me a French-Canadian from Quebec, shares her professional and personal journey with us. After a career as a corporate executive, after training for and practicing traditional and family herbalism, Mylène is now also a farmer with her husband, where they work for “La Ferme Surprenante” ("The Surprising Farm": a play of word with Mylène's family name "Surprenant" meaning surprising).

The farm also bears this name, because Mylène is committed to offering the animals and plants she cares for an surprising and uncommon heartfelt presence and a great deal of kindness or benevolence. Her unique approach, based on a grounded, anchored, intuitive and high-vibrational spirituality, offers an inspiring example for the agriculture of today and tomorrow.

👉Mylène's Facebook page: “La Ferme Surprenante”:

******************************************************************************** 🇫🇷 Dans cette entrevue en français sous-titrée en anglais, Mylène Surprenant, qui est québécoise tout comme moi, nous partage son cheminement professionnel et personnel. Après une carrière comme cadre en entreprise, après une formation et une pratique en herboristerie traditionnelle et familiale, Mylène est maintenant aussi agricultrice avec son conjoint où ils œuvrent pour "La Ferme Surprenante".

La ferme porte également ce nom, car Mylène a à cœur d'offrir aux animaux et végétaux dont elle prend soin, une pleine présence du cœur hors du commun et beaucoup de bienveillance. Son approche unique, basée sur une spiritualité ancrée, intuitive et de haut taux vibratoire, offre un exemple d'approche inspirante pour l'agriculture d'aujourd'hui et de demain.

👉Page Facebook de Mylène : "La Ferme Surprenante":


Why this series of interviews?

In these starseed mission series of interviews, I wished to have starseeds and earthseeds come on my YouTube channel (The grounded starseed) and talk about the concrete tangible ways in which they wish to participate in manifesting a positive reality or outcome on Terra (our planet Earth). Terra has been enslaved for millennia by regressive forces including the Deep State, however things are rapidly changing now, and it is the role of all Terrans (Terrahu) that we are, to aim towards more positive 5D endeavors.

The purpose of these interviews, was also to have a series of benevolent and high vibration or high frequency exchanges with people who have at heart to dream a new Terra and make their plans concrete and tangible to participate in the elaboration and manifestation of a new reality on Terra and positive contacts with our galactic brothers and sisters, which we will be meeting soon in first "official" civil contact, although we have been in contact with them for millennia now. How can we collaborate also with them and people from the Agarthan inner-Earth?

Who is Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard?

As a starseed soul, intuitive artist, iconographer, transmitter, collage artist and travel photographer, my soul purpose is to share my higher self connection and spiritual intuitive guidance in the form of a reading or Creative Intuitive Transmission with meaning (iconography), high vibration words and artwork as an original art collage of Japanese art style washi chiyogami paper (normally used for origami). It also takes the form of color and black and white photo digital files of travel, nature, landscape, animal, urban, architecture and b&w photography. Both are for sale as wall art in my art shop and their creative process and inspiration is discussed in blog posts on this website. They are also shared as videography on “The grounded starseed” Youtube channel, to offer you high frequency art.


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