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(Novel) "Bleu"

Updated: Apr 9

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“Bleu” is an initiatory tale in poetic prose of a man and a woman united by the desire for solitude and silence. The story, filled with images both oneiric and realistic, unveils the intimate journeys, the great falls and rebirths of Axel, a Berlin bookseller, and of Maëlle, a Montreal artist.

“Bleu”, is the union of the sacred feminine and masculine, it translates the rise of densities in these times of transition. It is a tale of twin flames and the healing of the heart, which invites one to find wholeness in oneself and the integration of one’s shadow. It is also an aesthetic homage to incarnated life, celebrated by all the senses, as well as a tribute to mindfulness. The tale is filled with art, travels, colours, scents, tastes, music and atmosphere.

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