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Mokusho photography exhibition: Café Baklawa

Updated: Mar 18

From August 14th to September 11th 2015. Vernissage on August 22th at 7 p.m.

Photo exhibition with the title "Mokusho" presenting 25 photographies of the theme of silent light.

Presentation text of the exhibition:

"Mokushô, meaning" light or silent illumination ", is a term associated with the practice of Sôtô Zen, fundamental to the personal and creative approach of the author of these photographs. In this exhibition, silent light refers to oblique luminosities, simple instants, contrasts, silent spaces and the reflective and discreet "being" that is ignored in the often absurd whirlwinds of "doing".

This first Mokushô exhibition is dedicated to an artist friend, James Deka (1973-2013), who died before being able to share with us the inner light of his art.

“Brother of loneliness, he knew intimately the shimmer of shadows. We miss the timid childhood of his laughter. The pale smile of those fearing to annoy, of those who reassure by imploding in their silence. Her gentleness is in him, wherever he is, as his doubt always has been. Doubt is confronted with the light and so we trace life on white sheets to survive our times. This is the secret of his work, the source of his true depth. He burst into lucid laughter imitating the world; he traced ink suns and dark stars on his secret snow notebooks."

"I believe that the beautiful is not a substance in itself, but nothing but a drawing of shadows, a play of chiaroscuro produced by the juxtaposition of various substances. "

J. Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows

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