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Presentation and publication : faïence bowls of ancient Egypt

Votive representations for the "Lady of Life": iconography of New Kingdom Egyptian earthenware bowls

UQAM presentation. February 7th 2012

"Using examples drawn from his iconographic analysis of New Kingdom Egyptian earthenware bowls, the author presents the major symbolic themes of fertility and rebirth in the afterlife, typically found on this type of ceramic and intrinsically linked to the deity Hathor ("Lady of Life"). Through an analysis of the formal and symbolic transformations of these iconographic motifs, the author discusses the historical, ideological and socio-political factors leading to representational transformations. This approach will enable us to grasp the dynamics underlying the maintenance and subtle transformation of the Egyptian representational canon (canon codified by the state and theologians, adoption of foreign motifs, religious transformations, etc.)."

(February 7, 2012) Abigaëlle Richard. Votive representations for the "Lady of Life": iconography of earthenware bowls from the Egyptian New Kingdom. Lecture at the Department of History, Université du Québec à Montréal.

(2012) Abigaëlle Richard. Representations votives pour la " Dame de Vie " : iconographie des bols de faïence du Nouvel Empire égyptien, La Revue d'Études des Civilisations Anciennes du Proche-Orient (RECAPO).

Photo and graphics © Patricia Girard

Presentation text in French

Presentation Powerpoint in French

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