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Thails Altean connections and the Mella collective | Galactic & Terran connections interview

In this video on the "Galactic & Terran connections interview" series, I share about my own connection to the Mella collective who is my soul cluster (that include my twin flame Eriel) and our connection to Alteans as a soul matrix, but also on Erra and Dakoorat.

I share details about visions I had of Thails the planet I originate from in the Altean star system of the Aldeeran (NGC 7331) galaxy, where I've seen myself as an indigo blue crystalline aquatic being, dolphin like being, mermaid like being and as a typical Altean humanoid visiting Terra.

Why this series of interviews?

In these series of interviews, I wished to have starseeds and earthseeds come on my YouTube channel (The grounded starseeds) to talk about their memories as starseed envoys or Terran souls, who feel a connection to one or many star nations and/or inner-Earth nations, since we are after all multidimensional beings. Sometimes these connections can be physical, however most of the time these are the result of heart and/or telepathic connections obtained through a state of meditation or shamanic vision quests. Each person has his or her own way of connecting to their memories, families, twin-flames, etc. There is not right or wrong way to do so, although we invite prudence regarding "channeling" and discernment regarding QHHT sessions.

The individuals that are participating to these interview, are part of a group on Telegram entitled "Galactic & Terran connections" which is embedded in a broader community that includes many groups with galactic interests, offering an opportunity to starseed and Terran souls to exchange about their experiences. Subgroups in French, Spanish and other languages are also available.

To assure a high vibration, benevolent and safe place of exchange, these groups are moderated by "Disco Tina" and her team of moderators. To access and join the groups you are invited to contact Disco Tina on Telegram here:


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