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Inner guidance transmissions (Free e-book)

Click on this link for downloading the free e-book! 👇

Inner guidance transmissions by Abigaëlle Richard
Download PDF • 2.86MB

From the middle of December 2021 on, I had the joy to receive, after my morning meditation, transmissions from my inner guidance and was invited to humbly share them for free on my YouTube channel at “The grounded starseed”.

My inner guidance can have many sources: my higher self, my soul, Source, the high vibration Mella collective, etc. Since we are all one, the appellations are not as important as the core of the messages, filled with high vibrations, benevolence, love and humor. All of this aims at supporting humanity in these times of transition and encourage each and every one of us to finally find our answers within.

These transmissions can be considered as “non-invasive” “channeling”, where I simply receive the messages in telepathic form, as words in my mind and with my own voice, without welcoming any entity into my body.

At first, these humble transmissions took the form of short written texts which I later read in a video format and shared on my channel. As time went by, I followed the intuition to record my voice with a microphone, then simply filmed myself as I was receiving these transmissions.

The transmissions in audio form have also been shared on my YouTube channel as video montages accompanied by free of royalty music and footage. This free e-book simply offers another format to share this information.

This present document encompasses all the transmissions received from December 15th 2021 to April 18th 2022, and they are accompanied by my creative work of Japanese Chiyogami paper collages.

It is crucial for me to be able to offer these transmissions freely for the benefit of everyone, without any paying walls, with an accessibility for all.

If you wish to encourage my creative and transmitter work, consider a donation by clicking on the following link to the platform “Buy me a coffee”. Your donations help me create and share for free, more valuable content for the benefit of all beings!

Furthermore, the titles of my Japanese paper collages, at the end of each transmission, offer clickable links to both my website and to an online boutique in which you can find prints for each of these unique collages.

I hope these free transmissions and collages will bring value to you and offer you solace and harmony in these times of transition from 3rd density to 4th and 5th, in a raising of consciousness of Gaia and all beings of our magnificent world. Perhaps, these humble words and harmony of colors and shapes, can be of help to you in moments of anxiety, despair or challenges.

As the subtitle of this document underlines, we are all fractals of Source, and thus all potential transmitters of wisdom and high vibrations. In all our sovereignty, we can find all our answers within, in that wise, eternal part of our being, when we stay tuned, in mindfulness and presence, to our own unique frequency.

May these transmissions raise your vibration and bring you love, beauty and harmony!

Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard

November 11th 2022

Click on this link for downloading the free e-book! 👇

Inner guidance transmissions by Abigaëlle Richard
Download PDF • 2.86MB

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