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What is an inner journey?

An inner journey is a discerning exploratory process by which you go within to know and understand yourself better and gain a sense of sovereignty and inner trust in life, in you and in your unique gifts and past experiences. It helps you connect with your higher self. We all have intuitive and creative gifts and it is simply our choice to develop them or not. All our answers lie within us. Sometimes an exterior source of information can simply serve as a guiding pointer towards that inner wisdom.

At the service of the collective As an intuitive transmitter and multidisciplinary creator, on a inner spiritual journey for more than 40 years, I have at heart to be at the service of Source and the collective of our world by simply and humbly offering these pointers. Through my creativity, I offer transmissions from my high vibration guidance, that support individuals in their inner and spiritual journeys, and in finding, within themselves, the answers to their meaningful questions.

Abigaëlle Richard

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