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Who are the Oyora-Maruu? | Galactic & Terran connections and information

In this relatively short video on the "Galactic & Terran connections and information" series, which consist of informative capsules on different star nations and inner-Earth peoples, I present the "Oyora-Maruu", who is a star nation from the Perseus galaxy (or more precisely the Perseus galactic cluster) and is part of the 24 seeder races. These 7 feet tall light-blue skinned humanoids have first seeded what became the Taali people in the Mana (K62) start system of the "Lyran constellation" on planet Omankhera. In this video I humbly share information about their provenance, appearance and some elements of the Taali people that have spread all over our galaxy Nataru and about whom I will be a future more in depth informative capsule. This information is based on Elena Danaan's book: "The Seeders. Return of the Gods" at pages 128 & 129: May I also add, thanks to the point made by a beautiful subscriber of my YT channel Aina Louisa, that the Oyora-Maruu, also contributed to the rich genetics of Terrahu (us Terrans) as explained by Elena in "The Seeders" p. 517.

Gratitude to Aina Louisa for pointing that out! I love it when we all contribute to sharing this rich information 😊💙🙏🏼💫

Why this series of informative capsules?

In these series of informative capsules, I wished to share the very rich and fascinating information offered by direct physical contactees like Alex Collier and Elena Danaan, in both their videos, books and webinars. This information can be of help to Terrans in order to discover and familiarize themselves with these star nations and inner-Earth peoples. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to starseed envoys to recover some of their memories about who they are as souls and discover where that souls come from.

Who is Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard?

As a starseed soul, intuitive artist, iconographer, transmitter, collage artist and travel photographer, my soul purpose is to share my higher self connection and spiritual intuitive guidance in the form of a reading or Creative Intuitive Transmission with meaning (iconography), high vibration words and artwork as an original art collage of Japanese art style washi chiyogami paper (normally used for origami). It also takes the form of color and black and white photo digital files of travel, nature, landscape, animal, urban, architecture and b&w photography. Both are for sale as wall art in my art shop and their creative process and inspiration is discussed in blog posts on this website. They are also shared as videography on “The grounded starseeds” Youtube channel, to offer you high frequency art.


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