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Ormong digital file Japanese washi chiyogami paper high vibration high frequency art collage Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard

THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRINT. "Ormong" Galactic high vibration art collage, high frequency art collage. This quality JPG digital file of a Japanese washi chiyogami paper collage art by Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard made with premium quality origami papers, is available for download for personal (non-commercial) use only. It is of 3000 pixels (on the image's longest side) and optimized for up to 8"x12" prints.


This is an 8”x12” high quality digital file created from the original handmade artwork entitled "Ormong".

This high vibration and high frequency art, was inspired by the Ormong, one of the seeder races that are mostly telepathic but can also use vocal communication. They have aquiline face features with brown skin and are about 6 feet tall. Their eyes are slanted and they are very much engaged in scientific interests and work. The name of their planet is hard to pronounce, and resembles dolphin sounds. Their planet is in the NGC 7252 galaxy, visible through the Aquarius constellation. Discover much more information in this source p. 90. 


👉Read all about the galactic inspiration that is at the source of "Ormong"


Who is MOKUSHO Abigaëlle Richard?

"Ormong" Japanese washi chiyogami paper collage galactic high vibration art

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