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(Free ebook) "Research: Sexuality in ancient Egypt"

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Sexuality in ancient Egypt: a brief comparative study of the transformations between the Pharaonic and Ptolemaic periods

Research as part of a master's seminar at the University of Montreal

“Initially, the objective of this research is to examine the current state of knowledge regarding sexuality in Dynastic and Ptolemaic Egypt. Secondly, as part of a first problem, we will examine these data in order to determine what were the changes in the conception and practice of sexuality during these two periods. A second issue consists in qualifying this analysis by examining the more or less important dichotomy found in the Ptolemaic period between Greeks and native Egyptians. The analysis in synthetic form of these transformations will allow us to establish the level of sexual transformation that took place between these two periods through the different strata of society."

(2004) Abigaëlle Richard. La sexualité en Égypte ancienne: Brève étude comparative des transformations entre les périodes pharaonique et ptolémaïque, masters seminar research, University of Montreal.

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