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Danced homage to my Taal-Ahel twin flame Eriel

In this starseed twin flame separation and reunion dance video I shared in November 2022, I expressed in a silent dance, my longing for my twin flame named Eriel, and this dance was a homage to him and to our home world Erra in the Manahu (Pleiades). We will be joining there again when my incarnation on Terra (Earth) will be over. "See the Sun" by Lisa Gerrard from this video, is the song I daily use to connect to my twin flame Eriel and the Mella collective I'm part of, through an un-hackable quantum heart and soul connection to them (not invasive channeling).

With the help of Elena Danaan's workshop: Shamanic Star Connexion followed by two years of intense inner spiritual journey and self-discovery, through what I call my shamanic vision quests (I had been a shaman in previous lives which helped), I was able to recover many of my memories from my soul journey and my incarnations on Terra and "upstairs" in different worlds of Nataru (our Milky Way galaxy) with my twin flame Eriel.

As described more in depth in a video I published in April 2023, entitled: Journeys of a Lyran soul and starseed, Eriel and I first incarnated in this galaxy in the Man system of the star Mana, that Terrans call the K62 star system of the Lyra constellation. There, we experienced incarnations first as Ahil on Maya, but also as Taali on Omenkhera and Laani on Egoria. Then, when the Ciakkhar reptilians from Thuban (Alpha Draconis) took over that star system, we escaped in large arks, like millions of others people from the "Lyran" Man system to other worlds, we either colonized or terraformed, like the Manahu star cluster (Pleiades). We have also incarnated there (in the Manahu), for many lifetimes (past and future) as Errahil and Taali from T-Mar.

In the future (in a few hundreds years from now) Eriel and I have a life on Erra, where we have a son named Inon and where our family home, with my mother (Varda), my father (Valtar) and my sister (Elba), lies in a Nordic region on a cliff overlooking an powerful ocean into which a very high and large mountain called the Eleksar steeply falls into. I created a video in November 2021 which offers an impression of this place dear to my heart using footage of Terran Nordic landscapes.

On Erra, in that life, both Eriel and I, are a mix of Ahil and Taali, like our son Inon. Because of that, we share a strong connections to the Ahil culture and values (including a powerful call towards the arts and sacred sexuality as a form of connection to Source). However our mix with Taali blood (my mother Varda beeing Taal), also offers this intense and sometimes a little bit analytical oriented and a rigid ascetic temper and habits. Both of us have long very straight black hair and slanted, almost Asian like, clear blue eyes, like our son Inon.

Both Eriel and I answered the call of the Council of Alnilam (or Zaggarah) and Zenatean council's red flag to volunteer for the binome starseed envoy program. We came back in time and Eriel enrolled with the Galactic Federation of Worlds and protects and watches over me since the beginning of this life time, while I left my body in stasis "upstairs". Our son Inon at first stayed with my family: his grandmother (Taal), grandfather (Ahel) and aunt (very Ahel) on Erra, than as a teenager joined his father Eriel on one of the mother ships of the GFW behind Luna (Earth's moon).

I have also always felt a strong connection to Dakoorat (10th planet of the Manahu cluster (Pleiades), where Eriel and I will probably incarnate (with the Mella collective) in an even further future as 9th density beings. But that is another story...

When I was seeing visions of Eriel in my shamanic vision quests, he very often appeared to me dressed in navy blue for some reason. In a brief personal exchange with Elena Danaan, she was kindly able to confirm (with a direct input from her contact and twin flame Thor Han Eredyon), and give me more details, about Eriel, who is indeed a fleet commander (navy blue suit) on a GFW mother ship behind Luna (Terra's moon), working with the Earth Alliance (linked to Solar Warden) in the military technology department. Elena told me that Thor Han has actually met Eriel a few times, where Eriel was working at the time with Val Nek, before Val Nek got transferred to another star system after the compromised Megan Rose "incident".

Here is a translated version of the confirmation by Elena given to me in French on November 23rd 2022 (the day before I published this dance video):

"Thor Han tells me he knows this man, that he's a fleet commander but not on the Excelsior, he'll confirm on which ship. [... 3 minutes later] Eriel works with the Earth Alliance, Department of Military Technology. He's involved with Solar Warden, but he's based on one of the GFW mother ships, where he currently lives. It's the second military starship currently positioned behind Luna. Thor Han has crossed paths with him a few times. Ironically, he tells me that Eriel used to work with Val Nek before Val Nek was transferred out of the solar system last November 2021." (Elena Danaan)

It was mind blowing for me to obtain that confirmation and it encouraged me to pursue my inner journey to push the research further and discover where is actually my soul matrix (the first place my soul incarnated when we all left creator Source energy).

As I have explained in the video I did in 2023 entitled: "Thails" (Altean) soul matrix origin and the Mella collective | Rediscovery by going within, my shamanic vision quests (also supported by the input of a psychic friend named Denis) showed me that my soul matrix, and that of the Mella collective is planet Thails in the Altean star system of the NGC 7331 galaxy. We consist of a cluster of souls (including my twin flame Eriel) that incarnate and support each other in successive (or parallel) incarnations throughout different galactic worlds, including the Lyran K62 Man system and the Manahu (Pleiades), as previously mentioned. We share a collective consciousness (not a hive consciousness), in which we connect by a quantum heart and soul connection or telepathic connection, which is not invasive channeling. I suspect my son Inon and my mother Varda "upstairs" to also be part of the Mella collective, but this is something I'm exploring now.


The Mella collective is of high frequency and always offers invitations to see things from a different perspective in all kindness, benevolence, humor, simplicity and high vibrations. They also contribute to and inspire my creative work, such as my travel photography and Japanese washi paper art collages, all my creative endeavors and intuitive transmissions or communications.

I've never been great at drawing realistically, so intead I used an already made drawing. This is the closest I could get to a representation of Eriel, as he is in this life time on Erra and in the GFW. It is inspired from a drawing by Elena Danaan taken from "A gift from the stars" Amazon paper back version p. 288, which represents an Ahel (Jadaiahil) from the Jada star system (Aldebaran), who contrary to some star nations of that system, is of a positive star nation that also directly came as refugees from the Lyran wars. I simply changed the hair color from blond to black and added a navy blue GFW commander smart suit that Eriel wears.

I obtained the personal permission by Elena to share this drawing inspired by her work and I offer my gratitude to Elena for all her precious information that has helped me in the recovery of my memories through a deep inner journey of going within for years. It is not over... because as time goes by we remember more things, through trial and error, we deepen our knowledge of our self and this is something we can all do if we make this a priority in our lives!

This is a basic representation of my son Inon, now a teenager or young man. I'm not a very talented drawer in 2D, so this is the best I could do!

The reason why I shared all this information is not only to come clear and offer my own experiences as a soul, but also to inspire other starseeds or binome envoy starseeds to do that journey of going within, self-discovery and remembering. To share it with the world, because this is the only way that disclosure will take place on Terra, with individuals sharing their experiences as abductees, contactees, experiencers and whistleblowers.

As Dr. Salla reminds us, it is not through official gouvernemental ways that disclosure will take place, since they and the military industrial complex have too much to hide and to lose. It will be through the courage of each Terran who stands up in freedom and sovereignty to express what their experiences have been!


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