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Himmel über Hamburg: digital urban black and white photography. High vibration art

Today's creation I wished to share with you, is one of urban black and white digital photography, as high vibration art. I shot "Himmel über Hamburg" in Hamburg (2014).

As I was daydreaming and exploring Hamburg' streets (Northern Germany), I saw this small tree planted on a apartment block building's terrace. I loved how the tree seemed to try to reach the sky and clouds. This shot is very minimalist in style and offers a large place to seemingly "empty" space. It is a style of photography that I enjoy. Leaving a lot of "dead" space in my compositions and framing. It offers a sense of freedom, openness, calm and connection to the invisible Source.

The title I gave to this shot is inspired by Wim Wenders' 1987 film "Der Himmel über Berlin" (Wings of Desire). One of my five favorite films in the whole history of cinema. This unique film, for the most part in black and white, is sublime in its beauty and is truly an homage to the poetry of life and humankind.

It tells the story of angels observing humans on Earth in all benevolence and kindness and listening to their inner reflections, joy and pains, and trying to support them with their vibration and frequency. One of them, Damiel, falls in love with Marion, a human woman, and chooses to abandon his angelic existence to experience the richness of Terran life, colors and love. For those who know me, even just a little, there is no surprise that this has been my favorite movie for 30 years of my life!

For many years I've done mostly black and white photography, because my inner lens was focused on that angelic vision of life. An observer, not totally there, not totally incarnated, but intimately wishing to engage in living here somehow, but not knowing how. As a starseed with a high frequency soul, this has been the story of this incarnation and many others before. Furthermore, my poetic prose autobiography in French "Bleu" often brings this film as a background reference, mostly in association with Axel, the male main character of the novel (born in Hamburg), who is like me, creating black and white photography inspired by that film. Here is a brief basic translation of an excerpt from the book:

"Axel will study architecture because his father knows what he wants. In fact, Axel's wish is to plant words in the soil of one’s soul. Also a hunter-gatherer, he is a taster of beauty. Words are barbed wires of blue sky between his body and the misery of hearts. Axel does everything with his eyes. He follows the dance of ink letters and of these slow films that no one else likes. He only likes architecture in his camera lens. She is a tall lady from the 30s, well built, sober and elegant, in a well-cut suit. He loves the sacred feminine for its crystalline laughter, its voluntary strength and its long lines of grace. Axel worships lines like cigarette smoke."

I have been in love with Hamburg almost as much as I have been in love with Berlin. I have visited Hamburg a few time and have immensely enjoyed the art from the turn of the century found in the collection the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. I'm also a lover of the atmosphere created by the oblique sunlight hitting the red brick walls of the Speicherstadt. I wander there for hours every time I go. Hamburg is a place where I go daydream and connect with a very subtil elusive memory of a past life.

Who is Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard?

As a starseed soul, intuitive artist, iconographer, transmitter, collage artist and travel photographer, my soul purpose is to share my higher self connection and spiritual intuitive guidance in the form of a reading or Creative Intuitive Transmission with meaning (iconography), high vibration words and artwork as an original art collage of Japanese art style washi chiyogami paper (normally used for origami). It also takes the form of color and black and white photo digital files of travel, nature, landscape, animal, urban, architecture and b&w photography. Both are for sale as wall art in my art shop and their creative process and inspiration is discussed in blog posts on this website. They are also shared as videography on “The grounded starseed” Youtube channel, to offer you high frequency art.


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