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"Lâcher-prise" ("Letting go") Vlog | Digital landscape black and white photography | High vibration art

Today's high vibration creation, I wished to share with you in this vlog and blog post, is one of digital landscape black and white photography, which is high vibration art. I shot this photo in 2008, in the Promenade Père-Marquette park in Lachine Montreal. It is entitled "Lâcher-prise", meaning "Letting go" in French.

It is a shot of a public art sculpture entitled "Monica" by Jules Lasalle. The representation of its fractured skull against a calm background of lawn and gentle-passing clouds reminded me of Zen Buddhist meditation and the letting go and liberation of all attachment to thoughts.

I practiced Zen Buddhist meditation for some time, but I always struggled (and still do) with letting go of the busy monkey-mind. It is a process and inner journey for me to accept this patiently with respect and kindness for myself. I always want things to happen now!

In this phase of my life, where I have recently crashed in the form of a physical breakdown, partly due to the belated grieving process I'm experiencing with my mom's passing two years ago, I find myself in the great need to let go not only of the passed on person she was, but also of the elements that have antagonized us in our relationship. A need to remain simply in the love of her and me.

In my autobiography in poetic prose in French entitled "Bleu", I've often used the image of the passing clouds as a mean of translating the passing thoughts in the mind. Hence, this photo's title, where the thoughts and attachments are being liberated from the head, to pass on like soft clouds on the clear calm sky of the mind.


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