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"Mùi" Vlog | Digital nature photography | High vibration art

Today's creation I wished to share with you in this vlog and blog post, is one of digital nature photography, as high vibration art. I shot "Mùi" in Montreal in 2014.

This shot translates the beauty of the subtil play of light, shadow and transparency around a very large central green leaf that veils a smaller one in the background. I fell in love with the intense saturation of the green color in contrast with the yellow tones created by the sunlight.

This shot was taken at the Montreal botanical garden, a place that I enjoy as much as the museums and libraries of this world. It is a place I've been going to weekly for years, as a way to feel my own inner frequency, as our dear Alex Collier says, and feel the high vibrations provided by nature, teeming with life and beauty.

The title of this shot refers to Mùi, the main character of a sublime 1993 Franco-Vietnamese movie entitled "The Scent of Green Papaya" by Anh Hung Tran. This is one of my top five movies ever and, like "Himmel über Berlin", it is a slow paced contemplative movie, filled with beauty, poetry and mindfulness.

It tells the story of Mùi (meaning "green papaya"), a young peasant girl who comes to work as a servant in a middle class family in Vietnam. We see the world through her eyes, her mindful presence that reminds us of the Buddha. Simplicity, mindfulness a love for beauty and immense curiosity for all things, characterizes Mùi's approach to life.

She is my role model, and has been for years. She is anonymous, she is high frequency, she is simple and filled with inner joy, she knows how to allow life as it is (even through great challenges) and honors it, in all ways, in discrete sacred presence of high vibrations. She is my inspiration for knowing how to live in this strange 3D world. For me, she is the incarnation of what we mean by "enlightened ones". No pretense, no ego, she is pure wisdom incarnated in the body of a servant girl; she is a fractal of pure Source. Many scenes of the movie show the beauty of the inner court and garden of the house she works in, filled with green leaves, the chant of crickets and frogs, as well as green unripe papayas that she prepares for the family's meals. This movie is a complete hymn to the beauty of life, when one stops to contemplate and be present with it. When I shot this photo, this atmosphere and sacredness is what I wished to translate: the sacred contemplative sublime world of Mùi, but mostly the invitation to see the world as she does, that is, with a marveling gaze and a completely mindful caring presence in every simple action of her life.


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