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"Orient" Vlog | Digital urban photography | High vibration art

Today's creation I wished to share with you, is one of digital urban photography, as high vibration art. I shot "Orient" in Montreal in 2011.

This photo was taken in a street market in Montreal on a summer sunny day on Mont-Royal avenue. Since we are a Nordic country with long snowy cold winters, a few times during the summer, Mont-Royal avenue celebrates the lovely weather and is forbidden to cars. The street belongs for a couple of days to pedestrians, who enjoy shopping, gazing at beautiful things, having a beer on a terrasse, sun-gazing or eating food from everywhere in the world, since Montreal is a very multicultural city that celebrates its diversity.

On Mont-Royal avenue there is a boutique of Indian clothing, jewellery and decorative objects, that also shares its lovely colored textiles in the street, where the sun rays get entangled in the beauty of the patterns, motifs and brilliant colors. It is one of those moments, that I captured in this photograph.

I've always been fascinated and entranced by outdoor markets. It is in part due to the fact that I grew up, as the daughter of international development volunteer workers, in Peru, Chad, Cameroon and Mexico, where outdoor markets are plenty and offer such an incredible variety of colors, foods, tastes, fragrances and craftsmanship. For me, outdoor markets represent the quintessential place of life on Terra. I feel that angels and ETs probably dream of attending such amazing events, filled with so much richness for the senses.

The second reason why I was attracted to these lovely oriental textiles, is due to a past life (parallel life I guess), I lived in Samarkand hundreds of years ago, where I was the son of merchant of precious silk textiles and refined oils and fragrances. Since, I've always been fascinated by the beauty of abstract motifs and patterns that often adorn fine textiles and clothing. I have shared in a video on my YouTube channel "The grounded starseed", the entrancing love tale between this Samarkand merchant and a female dancer.

As mentioned in another video I shared, about what I would like to do when we will finally have had official civil contact with our ET galactic brothers and sisters, I would love to not only make ethnological research work about how other galactic star nations use movement/dance/attunement in their specific cultures, but also what type of textiles, clothing and accessories they dress in, with a certain spiritual or aesthetic symbolism attached to it.

Meanwhile, before I'm able to visit Nataru (our Milky Way galaxy) and do ethnological and photographic work "upstairs" in person, I will pursue my deep passion for capturing, transmitting, translating and grounding the absolute beauty of Terra, our planet, and its people's diversity through the high frequency of what is created here.


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