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What are the main sources of disclosure about exopolitics? Video on the YouTube channel "The grounded starseed" by Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard

December 30th 2023

In my personal view, the most reliable sources of exopolitical disclosure about what is truly happening and has been happening on Earth (Terra) and our galaxy (Nataru) for thousands of years are Alex Collier, Elena Danaan and Dr Michael Salla.

In this text I will share some elements of this disclosure, but this only scratches the surface of the immensely rich information that these reliable figures of disclosure have been sharing for more than 30 years, for some of them.

Each of them has a YouTube channel, a Website, they have written books and hold online webinars at regular intervals (see the information provided below). To facilitate the understanding of the rich information that has been shared by these three courageous souls, I invite you to explore their YouTube channels from the earliest to the newest material.

There has also been other crucial contactees, SSP supersoldiers, whistleblowers and researchers that have greatly contributed to the disclosure movement: Jean-Charles Moyen, Mélanie Charest, JP US army insider, Tony Rodrigues, Mark Domizio, Niara Terela Isley, Dan Willis, Dani Henderson, Corina Pataki, Stephen Chua, Jerry Wills, Dan Winter, Chris Essone, Dave Rossi, David Adair, Billy Meier, William Tompkins, Robert L, Elizabeth Klarer, Phyllis Schlemmer, William Bramley in The Gods of Eden and many other courageous fighting figures such as Reiner Fuellmich and Dr C.N.

I would like to underline most particularly, Dan Willis' vital work as well. Dan, who is a former senior US navy whistleblower, former news anchor and researcher, has worked for many years with Dr. Marcel Vogel on the use and power of crystals, has also greatly contributed to disclose crucial information about the ongoing psyops.

Furthermore, he has also showed scientific proofs about Elena's information on his website and YouTube channel. He has collaborated with Elena and her Pleiadean contact Thor Han's younger brother Jen Han Eredyon (a scientist and terraformer) to offer information about the most powerful use of crystals for different benevolent purposes.

Indeed, the GFW has kindly offered through Dan and his scientific research team, the first free (open source blue prints) phryll (ether) generator based on crystal technology for free energy. This revolutionary research was presented for the first time at GSIC in 2023. His team includes Chris Essone, an eminent French physicist that offers scientific evidence of the existence of ether and is helping the disclosure community to voice its information at the yearly Rencontres Galactiques in France.

Not only Dan and Elena have collaborated to make this crystal technology known to Terrans, but they have also produced a series of important videos entitled "The power of crystals", that offer free information about the best use of crystals for all, their capacity to drastically raise the Schumann resonance and the Terran and Terrahu's frequency for creating a more positive reality on our planet!

Alex collier at
Alex collier at

Alex Collier

Elena Danaan at
Elena Danaan at

Elena Danaan

Books aussi en français

Dr Michael Salla at
Dr Michael Salla at

Dr Michael Salla

When the "plandemics" kicked in, at the beginning of 2020, I felt with all my common sense and intuition, that there was something absurd about the whole thing... and I was definitely not alone. As millions of other people, I began a journey of exploration of what was really happening. I fell into the rabbit hole and was rapidly "red pilled" (see the movie The Matrix) about what had been going on for not only decades, but centuries and millennia on our planet Earth (Terra). I had felt all my life there was something wrong about our societal structures and never wished to completely mold myself into what seemed to me like a life of barbaric slavery. I never felt I was from here (Earth) either.

After a journey of research and discoveries (and I'll spare you the meanderings with counter-information, psyops agendas and individuals paid by the letter-agencies (CIA et al)to diffuse lies in the spiritual and disclosure community), I was able to develop more discernment, backed-up not only by intuition, gut-feeling but also by well-sourced and researched tangible facts. I invite you to have a look at the crucial sourced and proofed information provided by Revude and Solas Veritas regarding these payed counter-intelligence agents that I will not name here, but this might help viewers have more discernment regarding this issue.

My life was radically changed, when I discovered three leading figures in exopolitcs, ET contacts and disclosure. I first discovered Elena Danaan in 2020, than Alex Collier and Dr Michael Salla. For at least 4 years now, these crucial figures (and many others) in the disclosure of what has been happening on Terra (Earth) for millennia have exponentially contributed to bring lost and hidden knowledge that all Terrans should be aware of. Some of these crucial elements were Terra's connections with extra-terrestrials for hundred of thousands of years and the presence of, and contact with, both positive and regressive ETs for the longest time. On a personal level I also discovered I was like millions of others, what we call an envoy "starseed".

I had to face the following realities and real but stealth physical and digital war that played out between the Deep State (often called the black hats) and the positive human and extraterrestrial alliance (often called white hats). These are just few elements among many:

  • The connection between regressive ETs and the Deep State's central role in: child (pedophilia and adrenochrome) (but also adult) organ harvesting and trafficking on and off-world, through the army D.U.M.B.S. tunnels

  • The presence of shape-shifting reptilians and Deep State (Milabs) members responsible not only for this traffic, but also the ritual abuse and consumption of human flesh

  • The psyops (e.g. the fake alien event of project Bluebeam and so many others) and major programming of the population through divisive techniques and mind control (MK Ultra)

  • The military industrial complex and their nefarious role on our planet

  • The Nazi's 4th Reich role and presence in the U.S. dark programs (operation Paperclip) and the Nacht Waffen in Antarctica and Jada (Aldebaran) star system, as well as their connection to the Draco Reptilians of Thuban since at least the 1930s

  • Our submission to Admiralty Maritime Law instead of Common Law in which our birth certificates imply that we are actually owned and kept in financial slavery by the Deep State

  • The Rothchild, Rockefeller, P. Warburg, J. P. Morgan play in the completely corrupt financial system based on debts (which will soon be overturned this year in 2024 with the new Quantum Financial system)

  • The MJ12 ("Majestic 12" members that went around Dwight Eisenhower to make a deal with the Nebu grays for technology in exchange for millions of human abductions. The same MJ12 group being responsible for the assassination of JF Kennedy who was trying to tell the world about the connexion between MJ12, CIA (and other nefarious letter-agencies) and regressive ETs

  • The important role played by the higher echelons of the free masons in hiding many of these facts and truth and in black magic sacrificial satanic rituals discussed above (in link with the regressive faction of the Anunnaki ETs (Enlil, Marduk et al)

  • The "Solidarity group" of the Vatican (which is the direct heir of the Roman empire) is a crucial protagonist for the horrors perpetrated by the Deep State it is leading member of

  • The role of organized religions in mind controlling the masses about certain realities and truth to prevent the people from experiencing their freedom, sovereignty and direct contact to their own power and independence

  • The "pizza gate" which involves many American and world leaders with pedophile circles (Epstein Island) such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Baraka Obama (and his male wife), Hunter Biden and thousands of others, including the majority of the members of the Hollywood industry

  • The presence of multiple (22) space and underwater arks on our planet Terra that have been hidden on our planet for a period when our consciousness would rise enough to be able to accept the positive ET presence on Terra. These arks are from positive star nations of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the intergalactic confederation and the Nataru Alliance

  • The Deep State's role in destroying the school and education system with lies and false historical narratives

  • The 6000 patents about important technology and free energy sources that have been repressed by the Deep State since Nicola Tesla

  • All the mainstream media are owned by members and corporations linked to the Deep State who have the complete monopole of the information determining people's opinions (operation Mockinbird)

  • The play from the mainstream media about the war in Ukraine which was in fact a cleansing by Putin of the Kazarian mafia (Deep State), the money laundering and human experimental labs and take over a positive space ark present in the Oleshky Sands desertic area of Ukraine that the Deep State wanted to keep for themselves

  • The play of the Deep State to lie over and over, through a well organized mediatic campaign, about Donald Trump and hide his role in helping the positive Alliance and Terrans to put an end to the pedophile cartels of the "elite"

  • The regressive role of the Dominion Nebu gray aliens from Uru An Na (Orion zone) in the mind control and submission of Terrans and their role (amongst others) with the Deep State in the rigging of the U.S. elections (in 2020) through the use of the Dominion rigged voting machines

  • The Covid 19 has never been scientifically isolated...

  • The agenda 21 and 2030 of the World Economic Forum and UN but also well known "philanthropists" (Bill gates et al) and all the medical industry to depopulate the planet of 90% of its "useless eaters", as we are called. This was planned through the poisoning of our air (chemtrails), food, water, soil, drugs, but mostly through the vaccination process (presence of graphene oxyde, hydra vulgaris, et al), which has already killed millions on the planet, while the corrupted mainstream media stayed violently mute to all that is happening and has happened (operation Mockingbird).

  • This vaccine agenda also had for purpose of injecting the "tracker dust" that would have linked the injected with the Nebu hive consciousness if the 5G towers would have been turned on, which never happened due to the intervention of the positive human and ET Alliance. Still, the vaccine created many life threatening side effects for million, and the ones who have chosen to receive it are legally now owned by the pharmaceutical nefarious companies who have patented the vaccine, since the mRNA has actually changed their DNA structure on purpose. They are not considered independent sovereign human entities anymore! (See the work of international lawyer Reiner Fuellmich et Dr. Vladimir Zelenko)

However, I also learned about the protective and crucial role many positive star nations (including the positive faction of the Anunnakis/Anakhim with Enki/Prince Ea, but also the Ahil, Taali of T-Mar, Selosi, The Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Zenatean Council, the Council of Alnilam, and so many others of the galactic Nataru alliance), in collaboration with the Earth Alliance (Solar Warden), Space Force and Space Command (white hats) have played in liberating us from the oppression of regressive ETs on Terra which are now out of solar system since 2021, and supporting us in finding our sovereignty again and liberating ourselves from our own human Deep State players.

This action of liberation by the positive star nations was meant to facilitate our Terran human recovery of sovereignty and freedom, our rise in consciousness (from 3D to 5D) and ability to join the Galactic Federation of Worlds and other organizations in the Galactic Alliance of Nataru (our Milky Way galaxy), towards a Star Trek future (see the Jupiter accords and Artemis accords).

A new benevolent financial system (QFS) is also about to take place after the final crash of the corrupted Fiat currency and Swift banking system, which will be definitely taken down very very soon (most probably 2024).

Since 2020, like thousands of other people, in the name of millions of children lost to the horrors, I felt the importance of sharing this crucial material with as many people as possible through discussions, sharing on social media and even started a YouTube channel which, amongst other things, shared about such issues.

On my channel, I had the pleasure to interview not only Elena Danaan, but also many people in the disclosure community to share about their vision of how we could all contribute in manifesting a positive reality on our planet Terra, in connection with inner Earth nations (Agartha) and star nations (i.e. amongst others through the Jupiter hub that is being constructed presently).

As I was considered to be a "conspiracy theory nut job" by my entourage, it has been (like for many million people who had woken up to these facts) a truly profound suffering to be ridiculed, judged, ignored or rejected. Many of us had to lose jobs and lose contact with close members of our environment because of the refusal to fit in at any cost and succumb to the tyrannical mandates of vaccination and mask wearing, which many of us knew never protected anyone, but only served as authoritarian tactics to submit people into fear and obedience to serve a submissive and depopulation program. 

​Feeling the need to express my profound sadness and frustration from the denial of so many people, in my autobiography in poetic prose (in French) "Bleu" published in 2021, I also shared the essence of what was happening in our world. Here is a basic translation of that excerpt:

"[...] the dark covers of dystopias occupy the world's display case. More than ever, countries have begun to impose constraints, and bribed official voices have reinvented everything. A small handful of human beings are violating freedoms as one deflowers toddlers. Their networks carry kilos of new flesh to satisfy the grown-ups. The horror of their tunnels sullies all that is light. They force-feed fear, emptiness and drugs to everyone they can. The crowds are stunned and muzzled. Some help each other, others denounce neighbors and brothers. Companies inject, companies issue, companies spread, as they publish, death and denial. They store the sole currency of a new order, in the service of a big brother who calls himself a philanthropist.

Kafka, Huxley, Dick and Orwell look on in dismay, sitting on the golden victory at the end of Siegesallee. They are full of indulgence for the panic-stricken masses who mask their mouths. More than ever, these great visionary lighthouses light up the murderous coasts with their consciousness. Alone in the storm that wears down the most valiant, they stand as tall as they can in the wind that sweeps away thirty millennia of miasma. They stand firm, on the edge of the great swamp, the swamp of the deep state that their light reveals.

Some resist together in the cities, others link up with the animals or give a hand to the trees, waiting for calmness on a planet that's changing. They welcome the breath they give back, the breath that cleanses systemic drifts with benevolence. A force of water exists in many hearts, and nothing can gag it. These beings come and go, mouths and hearts wide open to swallow the wind. They had nothing to lose, so they lost nothing. They learn to laugh again in the midst of a nightmare.

Ships of light crisscross the clouds of this world with Damiel. Some have joined groups of humans and animals, small gatherings to safeguard joy, honor the essential and remain free to love all that is, even if it's not like oneself, without fear of anything. They persist in lovingly honoring all that is, where they become the conveyor belt of breath and the servant of beauty. They make no secret of the fact that they see the end of the world before them. They simply rediscover the fullness of being within themselves. They don't sacrifice to collective terrors, the peace they find in every moment. They don't take themselves as beacons, nor do they take themselves seriously. They simply watch it all from a little further away, so they can breathe."

If what I share here resonates with you, because you have either woken up from the Matrix in which we were all sleeping at some point; because you feel something's sketchy in this world or just because you are open-minded and ready to conceive reality in another way (out of the mainstream media's lobotomy), you are invited to discover the crucial work of Alex Collier, Dr Michael Salla and Elena Danaan.

I honor, with immense gratitude for all of their courage and vision, the souls that have had at heart to enlighten a deeply corrupted world with their consciousness, benevolence and desire to help others. All of them have received death threats and have been physically and morally harmed many many times over, but they never abandoned their work for the sake of Terran humanity, the protection of children and the future of our jewel of a planet.

Our role as individuals is to regain our sovereignty, not to depend on any power (Terran or ET), and to go within ourselves in order to finally become who we are, because all the answers to our questions can be found within us. We are all fractals of Source creator!

Reality should finally be publicly unveiled somewhere in 2024, following the Earth Alliance's ingenious and extremely precise plan, when the James Webb Telescope will finally have revealed to the public the presence first of biological life and then of technological signatures and thus officially of extraterrestrial life in the Trappist-1 solar system. We'll be able to make "official" contact with our galactic cousins... even if we've already been doing so unofficially for millennia.

Filmed by Jean-Michel Tenac a hobby astronomer on March 26th 2020 from Montreal

​Abigaëlle Richard

December 30th 2023

Who is Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard?

As a starseed soul, intuitive artist, iconographer, transmitter, collage artist and travel photographer, my soul purpose is to share my higher self connection and spiritual intuitive guidance in the form of a reading or Creative Intuitive Transmission with meaning (iconography), high vibration words and artwork as an original art collage of Japanese art style washi chiyogami paper (normally used for origami). It also takes the form of color and black and white photo digital files of travel, nature, landscape, animal, urban, architecture and b&w photography. Both are for sale as wall art in my art shop and their creative process and inspiration is discussed in blog posts on this website. They are also shared as videography on “The grounded starseed” Youtube channel, to offer you high frequency art.


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