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Being Elena Danaan - A more personal interview. Video on the YouTube channel "The grounded starseed" by Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard

In this text, I not only wish to share the starseed interview I had with Elena Danaan in June 19th 2023, but also to offer homage to her crucial and courageous work I have the utmost respect for.

When I first discovered Elena Danaan and her work in 2020, my life took a drastic turn. It is not a cultic worship or following of sorts, it was a simple feeling of resonance for the information she was bringing. This information was for me the confirmation of what I had felt intuitively all my life about what was true in this world that the mainstream media and school books were completely mute about, that is, the exopolitical elements in our Terran (Earth) history.

Not only Elena's, but also Alex Collier's and Dr. Michael Salla's work, resonated with deep truth for me, and I have since supported their amazingly valuable work. I also immediately felt a strong resonance and connection with other crucial members of the Secret Space Program (SSP) supersoldiers and the exopolitical disclosure community, with extremely pertinent and viable evidence-based information such as: Jean-Charles Moyen, Mélanie Charest, JP, Tony Rodrigues, Mark Domizio, Niara Terala Isley, Dan Willis, Brad Olsen, Dani Henderson, Corina Pataki, Stephen Chua, Jerry Wills, Chris Essone, Dave Rossi et al, most of which I had the pleasure of seeing at the 2023 GSIC conference.

I would like to underline most particularly, Dan Willis' vital work as well. Dan, who is a former senior US navy whistleblower, former news anchor and researcher, has worked for many years with Dr. Marcel Vogel on the use and power of crystals, has also greatly contributed to disclose crucial information about the ongoing psyops.

Furthermore, he has also showed scientific proofs about Elena's information on his website and YouTube channel. He has collaborated with Elena and her Pleiadean contact Thor Han's younger brother Jen Han Eredyon (a scientist and terraformer) to offer information about the most powerful use of crystals for different benevolent purposes.

Indeed, the GFW has kindly offered through Dan and his scientific research team, the first free (open source blue prints) phryll (ether) generator based on crystal technology for free energy. This revolutionary research was presented for the first time at GSIC in 2023. His team includes Chris Essone, an eminent French physicist that offers scientific evidence of the existence of ether and is helping the disclosure community to voice its information at the yearly Rencontres Galactiques in France.

Not only Dan and Elena have collaborated to make this crystal technology known to Terrans, but they have also produced a series of important videos entitled "The power of crystals", that offer free information about the best use of crystals for all, their capacity to drastically raise the Schumann resonance and the Terran and Terrahu's frequency for creating a more positive reality on our planet!

To come back to Elena's work, her books also provide such fascinating and vital information about galactic cultures and life, she describes in: A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races, We Will Never Let You Down, The Seeders. Return of the Gods, Area 51. Conversations with Insider Stephen Chua, Encyclopedia Galactica and other fascinating information in her articles.

On a lighter note, being fascinated by and feeling connected to the Agarthan (inner-Earth) star-connected races, and mostly the Telosi (Sidhe), I also very much enjoyed her very well written fiction fantasy series Shandora (in French) and fact-based science-fiction adventure Resilience.

If Elena's books completely revolutionize our perception of history and reality in the Nataru galaxy (Milky Way), her two online workshops The Ohoran Way and Shamanic Star Connexion, also contributed deeply, on a personal level, to my inner spiritual journey and going within as a starseed, to know myself as a soul and finally remember and become who I am, in sovereignty and freedom.

From this inner journey, and helped by Elena's workshops, I was able to discover my Altean soul matrix, where I first incarnated on planet Thails in the NGC 7331 galaxy with the Mella collective (my soul cluster or soul family), that often guide my high frequency or high vibration art creation and transmissions or communications (which is not invasive channeling, but a quantum connection of the heart and soul or telepathic connection). I was also able, through these shamanic vision quests to recover the memories of my incarnation journey through the Lyran (K62 Man system) and past/future/parallel life on Erra, with my star family there and my twin flame Eriel (dressed in navy blue), working for the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

In a brief personal exchange with Elena, she was kindly able to confirm (with a direct input from her contact Thor Han) and give me more details about Eriel, who is indeed a fleet commander (navy blue suit) on a GFW mothership behind Luna (Terra's moon), working with the Earth Alliance (linked to Solar Warden) in the military technology department. Elena told me that Thor Han has crossed path with Eriel a few times. I have missed Eriel all my life and this confirmation of my heart's intuition has definitely changed my existence forever. For this, and all she does for Terra and Terrahu, I am infinitely grateful to her. I don't worship or "follow" Elena, but I really support (as I do for our brothers and sisters of the disclosure community mentioned above), this benevolent generous soul that has sacrificed peace of mind and security, in order to offer crucial information muted by the mainstream media about our exopolitical reality.

Indeed, she receives continuous life threats and attacks, as all truth disclosure speakers and contactees/abductees do. Many letter-agencies counter-intelligence agents are paid to create and propagate disinformation, lies and psychological operations which Elena, Dani Henderson and others help debunk. Because of this, they are often the target of attacks.

When I first discovered Elena in 2020, her now blooming YouTube channel did not have many subscribers yet. She was in the process of writing A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (now an international bestseller published in more than 10 languages) and was offering transmissions from her GFW contacts in a series of videos entitled "Pleiadean Contacts".

It was so exciting to finally meet like-minded people in the YT live chats, that have now become life-long friends, and also listen to Elena's crucial fascinating information from her interstellar contacts such as Thor Han Eredyon (her twin flame). Lots of high vibes with laughter, wonderment and a feeling that what Elena was sharing through her technological implant as evidence-based information, was about to change our reality forever on Terra.

Since 2020, Elena's vital information has received more and more attention. This info is now being confirmed by mainstream science and NASA (who actually are closely following her work!). She has offered many interviews, where she shares about her experiences as an abductee/contactee/experiencer and emissary for the GFW.

However, it was my wish to offer to the viewers of my YouTube channel The grounded starseed, a more candid, personal and intimate interview with Elena, where she could talk about: the joy and challenges of working as an emissary of the GFW; share the latest news from her interstellar contacts; share about psychometry and her most special experiences and journeys, on and off world; tell us more about her daily life, her spiritual and energetic hygiene and practices to stay grounded; her vision of the crucial importance to go within and do our own inner journey (as Alex Collier also insists upon) in order to know who we are as souls and recover our sovereignty, without depending on anyone else's exterior truth or waiting to be "saved"!

If you enjoyed this interview with Elena, I invite you not only to support her work by watching her free weekly Star Nation News on her YouTube channel, but also to attend her fascinating and extremely rich monthly webinars/Q&As. In those thematic webinars, you can not only discover the crucial information she discloses, but also have the joy of sharing more than two hours of generous, loving, high frequency benevolent contact with such a beautiful soul and like-minded audience!

Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard

February 22nd 2023

Who is Mokusho Abigaëlle Richard?

As a starseed soul, intuitive artist, iconographer, transmitter, collage artist and travel photographer, my soul purpose is to share my higher self connection and spiritual intuitive guidance in the form of a reading or Creative Intuitive Transmission with meaning (iconography), high vibration words and artwork as an original art collage of Japanese art style washi chiyogami paper (normally used for origami). It also takes the form of color and black and white photo digital files of travel, nature, landscape, animal, urban, architecture and b&w photography. Both are for sale as wall art in my art shop and their creative process and inspiration is discussed in blog posts on this website. They are also shared as videography on “The grounded starseed” Youtube channel, to offer you high frequency art.


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