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"Ice-blue" Vlog | Digital landscape photography | High vibration art

Today's creation, I wished to share with you in this vlog and blog post, is one of digital landscape photography, which is high vibration art. I shot this photo in 2022, in Montreal. It is entitled "Ice-blue" This high-angle shot was taken by the North St Lawrence river bank in Verdun (Montreal). I found the color of the blue ice quite beautiful, that also created a harmonious contrast with the golden color of the reeds by the river bank, both of which catch the light in subtle ways.

I have been living in Verdun for four years now in a cozy one room apartment studio that is both my living and working creative space. I live a stone's throw away from the river bank, which is also a lovely green area with large ancient trees and lovely wildlife.

This haven of calmness and beauty is a place where I have my daily walk to re-energize, meditate and offer gratitude. It is a place where I can go within, hear my own frequency (as our dear Alex Collier says) and also commune with nature's beauty, harmony and high vibrations.

What I love about the landscape by the river, is that each day it offers a very different atmosphere, due to the change of light and seasons. Some days we can't see the opposite bank of the river due to the fog, white snow and ice covering the river like a wild Siberian landscape! In autumn, the yellow gold of all the trees offers to the place the feeling of being back home in Lothlorien. I love the way the landscape evolves, transforms as a medium for the expression of nature.

Sometimes the landscape reflects my emotions, sometimes it offers me an invitation to change my inner state into something more joyful, reflective, calm or energetic. I let nature speak to me daily in that way by its offered invitations, and I stay opened to the richness of the moment.

This shot of blue-ice, due to the high-angle, reminds me of the necessity sometimes to take a step back and look at things from above, as one would from a helicopter or a plane. An opportunity to view life through another perspective, but also with less involvement, with less emotional entanglement. With this broader view, one can perceive a new form of harmony and beauty that would otherwise be invisible, which in this case took the form of the harmonious contrast between plant and water, gold and blue (my two favorite colors).

As I wrote in my autobiography in poetic prose in French "Bleu" "Everywhere, life is disposed to the sublime". It is my intimate soul purpose to be disposed as well in such a way, to track down and transmit this harmony and beauty of high frequency in the most simple ways sometimes.


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